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DEAL OF THE WEEK! December 30, 2012 – Jan 5, 2013

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DIY GPS Mount for Your Motorcycle!

Fabricate your own GPS mount on your motorcycle using parts you probably already have around the house!

Parts you will need to make the GPS dock:
– 3/16″ x 2″ Bolt
– Rubber Washer (Make sure fits snug in hole)
-Triple Tree hole plug (Comes with bike)
-Mounting Bracket for GPS (Nuvi 1690)
-Suction cup mount (Usually Comes with GPS)


Step #1
Drill a 3/16″ hole in the center on the triple tree cap.

Step #2
Drill a 3/16″ hole in the rubber bottom of the suction cup mount aprox 1/2″ from the edge on the opposite side of where the lever is.
Tip: Make sure the lever is up or you will not be able to pull the rubber down to put the bolt in.

Step #3
Pull the rubber back and push the bolt in. It should be very snug as you push the bolt in.
Tip: Again make sure the lever is up or you will not be able to pull the rubber down.

Step #4
Screw the bolt through the triple tree cap. If the bolt slides in you made the hole too big!

Step #5
Put the rubber washer on the bolt, it should fit very snug as you slide it up to the bottom of the triple tree cap.

Step #6
Screw the nut up to the rubber washer and lightly tighten it with pliers. Don’t tighten it too tight!

Step #7
Push the bolt and cap all the way in in the triple tree hole. It should give you a fair amount of resistance and should fit very tight and snug.

Step #8
Snap the GPS mounting bracket onto the mounting ball.

Bonus Step#9
Attach the 12 volt charger mini USB plug into the back of the GPS mount. You will need to install a 12 volt receptacle to connect the 12 volt charger to. You can buy a 12 volt receptacle at radio Shack or online. Make sure to wire in a fuse on the positive wire before you connect it to the battery.

That’s it. EZ!

An Old House From the Underground Railroad in Berea Ohio!

Check out this house that was part of the underground railroad that helped slaves to their freedom. This house dates back to the 1800’s.

How to Get Into Motorcycling!

Ever thought about learning how to ride a motorcycle? Check out my video for tips on the best way to get started in motorcycling. I discuss everything from A to Z.


It is imperative that you wear full protective gear every time you ride your motorcycle. If you want to get a motorcycle for the first time
buy your gear before you even buy your bike. The importance of wearing your leathers is to protect your skin! You don’t want roadrash! lol Wear your helmet!
You only have one head so protect it!

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Too many modifications to your bike can be bad!

Some people don’t realize that putting excessive modifications on your bike can actually devalue your bike in addition to pouring money down the drain.

Stop the perpetual cycle of hate!

When someone does you wrong take the high road and show them love instead exacting revenge and perpetuating evil and hate. Hate will never beat hate, only love can beat hate.
Hateful people don’t know how to act when the person they are being hateful to responds abnormally by showing love and forgiveness. Pray for those who trespass against you
and hope they turn from their evil ways. You will be blessed for it, I promise you! Break the hate/evil cycle!