Get Any Motorcycle As Long As You Ride Baby Ride

I discuss why the kind of bike your’re riding is not important, the only important thing is that you are riding! Don’t worry about looking cool just get out there and ride baby ride!

Outdoor IP Wireless Camera To Watch Your Car/Motorcycle- Loftek Nexus 543 IP Outdoor Camera Review

For those of you who are looking for a cheap solution to keep a watchful eye on your motorcycle, car, property, etc, you should consider getting a waterproof wireless Loftek Nexus 543 Outdoor IP camera. Currently, these cameras only run $80 a camera shipped! What’s great about having a wireless IP camera is you don’t have to worry about wires and you can view the camera’s footage anywhere in the world on any computer, smart phone, ipad or tablet that has internet access. You can record several cameras simultaneously on separate schedules. You can also have the video automatically uploaded to any online storage site so if someone breaks in and steals your computer that is recording the video footage in one hour segments the video footage will be safely available to access online anywhere in the world where you have internet access. You can even set the software up to record motion detection while it’s filming video surveillance, any motion detected by the camera will send images to any designated email address you set up with the software.

The best software to use with the Loftek IP camera is EVOcam, you can purchase the EVOcam software at for a very inexpensive price, currently $30. This software is much better than the software that comes with the camera and it is compatible with MAC.

You can purchase the Loftek Wireless IP outdoor camera here:

Deal of The Week! AGV Willow Perforated Leather Motorcycle Pants!

I just ordered the AGV Willow perforated leather pants to go with my AGV Laguna perforated leather jacket. I will be reviewing those pants as well. It comes with all the armor and knee pucks, not bad for $179.99 shipped. I will be ready for a track day this summer! Basically I got a full armor Dianese 2 pc suit for $388, since AGV is the same company as Dianese. Saves over a thousand bucks for the exact same quality!

Click Here to get the AGV Willow Pants Deal

 photo Screenshot2013-03-25at23847AM_zpsa6dd4bb6.png

Here is me in my Jacket and Scorpion exo 400 urban destroyer helmet..

 photo Screenshot2013-03-25at24118AM_zpsc7c27b83.png

2007/2008 Honda CBR600rr Review by MotorcycleUSA (Link below)

 photo Screenshot2013-03-20at50655AM_zpsbceb525d.png

For those of you who are on the fence on what 600cc supersport motorcycle to choose from I highly recommend reading this review of the 2007 Honda CBR600rr by Not only is the 2007/2008 CBR600rr the lightest stock 600cc supersport in it’s class but it is hands down the most comfortable supersport motorcycle on the market, even today! You will find yourself able to pull wheelies with ease on this bike because it has such stout mid-range power. I personally own a 2008 Honda CBR600rr (Same as the 2007) and can attest to it’s power, comfort and reliability. I’ve ridden on this bike all day and hated to put it away. With the redesign of the cbr600rr in 2007 , Honda raised the clip-on bars 10mm, so you will never have wrist discomfort which will allow you ride this bike as long as you want without any wrist discomfort.

Many people falsely believe the Suzuki GSXR 600 and 750 are the most comfortable supersport bike for the streets but what they don’t realize is the Suzuki GSXR has low clip-on bars (Lower than the 2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr) which will end up giving you wrist and hand discomfort on long trips. If you look at the bar height on the 2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr you will see the clip-on bars sit just above the triple tree, all of the other supersport bikes the clip-on bars sit below the triple tree meaning that the rider will have more of his upper bodyweight putting pressure on the wrists and hands. You can always add helibars (bar risers) but at a premium cost and it’s not always an easy mod to do because sometimes you have to replace all of the lines because the stock lines may not be long enough to suit the new clip-on bars, just something to keep in mind. The 2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr was engineered to accommodate the raised bars.

Another thing to keep in mind is the 2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr is the only 600cc supersport motorcycle with a built-in electronic steering damper (HESD) that enables the bike to ride smooth as butter at all speeds. Most other supersport bikes have a hydraulic steering damper and most are not built in, meaning that you will have to add an aftermarket steering damper such as an Olins steering damper that needs to be installed across the triple tree which prevents you from having access to the center triple-tree hole that you could have otherwise used to install a GPS dock (like I did on my bike) The bike is so powerful and smooth on the highway but yet also rides smooth at low speeds around town. I highly recommend this bike to anyone that is looking for performance and comfort on the streets. -CycleCruza

Also keep in mind the 2007 and 2008 cbr600rr is faster than 2009-2012 cbr600rr (Honda reduced the top end due to emissions):
MotorcycleUSA’s 1/4 mile time for 2007 cbr600rr = 10.60 @ 133.7 mph Read Here!!
MotorcycleUSA’s 1/4 mile time for 2011 cbr600rr= 10.98 @ 128.8 mph Read Here!!

Other bike:
MotorcycleUSA’s 1/4 mile time for 2011 Triumph Daytona 675r = 10.61 @ 132.3 Read Here!!

Read the MotorcycleUSA review HERE!

Cycle Wash by Original Bike Spirits Review

If you’re looking for a product that is a great cleaner and degreaser for your bike I highly recommend Cycle Wash made by the original Bike Spirits, the same copmany that makes that awesome cleaner/polish in a spray can that I reviewed previously. Check with for where to buy this bike bike cleaner.

Here is a video review I did on the Cycle Wash product:

here is a video a while back on the Original Bike Spirits cleaner/polish in a spray can:

600cc vs 1000cc – Why I Moto Vlog – Product Updates – Coasting

It was a 50 degree overcast day today so I hopped on my bike and took a nice ride and did moto vlog today. I discuss my reason for moto vlogging, give an update on how my new AGV Sport Laguna perforated leather jacket performed for the very first time out riding, I clarify my feelings on 1000cc vs 600cc motorcycles and whether I will ever get one or not, and I discuss how I coast on my 2008 Honda cbr600rr and clear up any misunderstandings I might have conveyed in the last motovlog whereI talked about why I don’t need a 1000cc bike.