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My new custom designed CycleCruza Graffiti Sport Bike T-Shirts and other products are now available for sale. Just click on my “My Shop” tab on the navigation bar on my website, this will direct you to my storefront.Save $10 on orders over $50! Use coupon code TENOFF.
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House of Evil – Back to The Hood 2

In this moto vlog I take you back to the hood to see the house of Evil, where Ariel Castro kept 3 kidnapped girls as sex slaves for 10 years. Also, I talk about how evil resides in all of us and I make a point that the mere cycle of life can be construed as “evil” which reflects itself in the actions of humanity. This moto vlog is part of the ‘Back To The Hood’ moto vlog series.

Podcast version:

Possible Second Bike Choice?

The 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 could sitting right next to mary jane in the future. I’m liking what I see so far. 414 lbs, nice torque, 850cc 3 cylinder cross-plane crank, $7990! Cheap fun! Could be my weekday bike and mary jane my weekend bike, but mary jane might get jealous I’m taking a hit off another joint… What do y’all think about that bike so far?

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Best Type Of Motorcycle For You

In this moto vlog I discuss the pros and cons of each type of motorcycle.

Added a new Forum to my Website! Start Posting Today!

I added a forum on my website so we can all come together and help each other out along with chopping it up about some motorcycle stuff.
Post in the new member section first so we can get to know each and every one of our motorcycle brothers and sisters new to the my forum and/or website!

Plasti Dip OEM Gas Cap – HID/Halo Unboxing – Update

Ok I finally got a chance to whip out the plasti dip again! This time I plasti dip sprayed my oem honda gas cap matte black. The black gas cap now adds to my bike’s black and white theme. Check out my latest vlog where I give you some tips on how to plasti dip your gas cap and I also perform an unboxing of the HID/Halo kit that I got from Along with the unboxing of the hid/halo kit I give you an update on my latest project. Check out my latest vlog below!

Ohio Route 555 Motorcycle Ride and Review

Well I finally headed out to the triple nickel and rode it twice. I must say it is a really fun to ride, even riding it at the speed limit. Watch my latest vlog below showing me riding the triple nickel. I also give my review of OH State Rout 555, aka “triple nickel.”

I Rode Route 555 (aka “Triple Nickel”) Twice Today! See Pics! I Also Rode 500 Miles in One Day! My Personal Best!

I spontaneously made a decision yesterday to just go and ride Route 555 that starts in Zanesville and ends in W. Virginia. The weather was nice, no humidity and no chance of rain so it was a fantastic day to take a long trip. Normally, it only takes about 2hrs and 20 mins to get to the start of Route 555 but I relied on my GPS that ended up sending me on a long around the way trip that took me 3.5 hours! Anyways, so I get on the triple nickel and I must says that road is super fun but it will wear you out with twisties because the road is 1.5 hours long! I rode it both ways so it took me 3 hours! I never thought I would get tired of twisties, hills, blind drop-offs, sharp turns, winding turns, etc…..BUT I grew tired of so much action for so long, especially after I rode 5 hours already. The only thing that keeps this road from being great is the gravel spots which almost wiped me out a couple of times, luckily I have a great sense of balance. I will have a video of the experience up soon with some action shots. Until then I will leave you with some pictures.

Btw, today I rode 500 miles in one day and 11hrs and 40 minutes of non-stop riding, except for gas stops and a break to adjust my GoPro camera. That is my personal best.

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