Police Chase Follow-Up – Never Try To Outrun Cops!

In this motovlog, cyclcecruza discusses details from the police chase incident that was captured in his last video. CycleCruza explains why you should never attempt to flee from the police.

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EPIC POLICE CHASE MOTORCYCLE Caught on Video – High Speed Chase

9/26/13 – CycleCruza gets chased by the police in this epic high speed police chase caught on video. CycleCruza guns his bike through a backwoods road with the police hot on his pursuit. Thrown in jail? Bike impounded? Watch video below to see!

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FEAR PANSIES – Motorcycle Scare Tactics – Build a Strong Mind

In this moto vlog I discuss the scare tactics some non-motorcycle riders use to dissuade you from getting a motorcycle or to stop riding. I help you understand the mindset you need in order to be a safe and successful motorcycle rider and why a weak-minded pessimist should never ride a motorcycle. I also give you some great tips on how to avoid an accident. Check out my latest moto vlog below and feel free to add to the conversation with your opinion.

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Sony Action Cam Night Video Footage Update – GoPro Comparison

9/14/13 Moto Vlog – CycleCruza shows Sony Action Cam night video footage in comparison with the GoPro Hero2 and his decision on whether to keep the camera or not.


I have a message I want to give to all of the drug users out there and people who want to take drugs and get high….get a motorcycle instead! Stop getting high off drugs and start getting high off life such as the euphoric rush you get from riding a motorcycle. In this moto vlog I discuss how you can turn your life around and get off the drugs. Like they say 4 wheels may move the body but 2 wheels move the soul! Watch my latest moto vlog….


Sony Action Camera Review and GoPro Hero2 Comparison

Have you been having a hard time trying to figure out what action camera to buy? There are just so many choices out there and each action camera has it’s pros and cons. So far I’ve had the Contour Roam, Drift Ghost, GoPro Hero2 and now the ever popular and recently price reduced Sony Action Camera (HDR-AS15). I recently purchased the Sony Action camera to see if it is as good as my favorite GoPro Hero 2 action camera that I use to film with for my youtube channel. In this video I give my honest review and opinion on the performance of the Sony Action camera and compare it to the reliable GoPro Hero2. In this video you will see video test comparisons that were videoed on my lovely 2008 Honda CBR600rr. You will see fast action video shots and hear the roaring of my fast Honda motorcycle and be able to decipher the sound quality and video resolution differences between the two popular action cameras. The winner is? You’ll have to watch my video review below to see who the winner is……

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