My Ghost Stories – Halloween Moto Vlog

10/31/13 Moto Vlog – CycleCruza shares some strange and scary ghost stories that he personally experienced. He shares scary stories of visiting a haunted cemetery, staying at one of the most haunted hotels in America and sharing a ghost story his mother and dad experienced.

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Track Day Talk – Shake Off Cop

10/24/13 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza talks about taking his Honda CBR600rr to the track and all of the costs involved with taking your motorcycle to the track. CycleCruza also gives a tip on how to shake a cop off your tail.

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Craigslist SCAM – Motorcycle Theft and Resale

10/18/13 Moto Vlog – CycleCruza warns of a Craigslist Motorcycle Theft Scam that is going on in Florida and possibly other states.

Cold Weather Riding and Gear

10/10/13 Moto vlog – CycleCruza discusses cold weather riding on your motorcycle and his cold weather riding gear.

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Range Rover Driver Could Be Deemed At-Fault For Hitting the Motorcycle Rider Who Brake Checked Him

Someone made a point on the news that even though the biker pulled in front of the Range Rover and attempted to slow it down (aka brake check), the Range Rover driver BY LAW was supposed to slow down and maintain at least a distance of 3-4 ft in which he clearly did not and it wasn’t until the Range Rover driver hit the back of the bike that caused the other bikers to start vandalizing the Range Rover. Had the Range Rover driver slowed down and kept a distance between himself and biker, waited for the police, nobody would have gotten hurt. As most people know, when you hit the rear of a vehicle it is almost always your fault for hitting the back of someone’s vehicle regardless of whether they purposely slowed down. There is a reason Gloria Allred, a prominent and well known attorney, accepted and was hired as an attorney for the rider that got ran over and possibly paralyzed.

Range Rover Smack Down – Stunt Riders on Public Roads

10/3/13 Moto Vlog – CycleCruza discusses his thoughts on the recent news of a Range Rover driving over motorcycle riders and critically injuring one rider along with the vigilante revenge justice the surrounding bikers took out on the Range Rover driver. CycleCruza also discusses the stereotype being perpetuated by stunt riders on public roads.

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