CycleCruza Best of 2013 MotoVlog Mash-Up – New Year Resolution 2014!

CycleCruza’s very best moto vlogs excerpts extracted out of his most popular moto vlogs for the 2013 year. CycleCruza also makes a New Year’s resolution for the new 2014 year that could potentially help save lives on the streets.

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Get Top Dollar For Your Sport Bike Motorcycle! Ways To Increase Motorcycle Resale Value!

12/19/13 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza discusses ways you can increase the resale value of your sport bike motorcycle and the best place to sell your motorcycle to get the best return for your motorcycle.

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Speed and Strength Armored Hoodie Review – Motorcycle Protection!

CycleCruza reviews the new 2013 Speed and Strength TapOut Armored Hoodie!

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Be Grateful and Appreciate Like MotoVlog!

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Best Motorcycle Insurance – My Experience!

12/12/13 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza tells you which insurance company is the best to insure your motorcycle with. He explains his experience with the major insurance companies. And the BEST insurance company for your motorcycle is……….

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Cycle Wash by Original Bike Spirits Review

CycleWash by Original Bike Spirits REVIEW. I test out the this new product made by Original Bike Spirits.

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Reason For My New 100% MotoVlogging Channel Explained!

Hey I just wanted to clarify why I started a second YouTube channel, my old channel will continue to cover motorcycle topics and other motorcycle related stuff only, the new 100% moto vlogging channel will cover anything and everything including current topics in the news, travels, events, people, motorcycle stuff and anything else while riding my bike. Click below to subscribe to my new channel:

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Too Fast Too Foolish – Speed Kills – Paul Walker Dead [Clean Version]

12/5/13 MotoVlog [Re-Upload Clean Version] – 12/2/13 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza warns riders of impending danger on the streets when public roads are used as a track and where life can imitate art. CycleCruza denounces movies such as ‘Fast and the Furious’ and ‘Biker Boyz’ as movies that glorify illegal and highly dangerous street racing/stunting on public roads. Paul Walker’s death is a wake-up call for all of us riders who push the limits on public streets.

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New MotoVlog Channel – Lake Erie Run New Start [From CycleCruza’s New 100% Moto Vlogs Channel]

12/5/13 Moto Vlog – CyclelCruza gives an introduction to his brand new channel that is 100% MotoVlogs 100% RAW, where CycleCruza will keep it real no holds barred CycleCruza style. In this MotoVlog CycleCruza heads to Lake Erie for a fresh new start on his channel.

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