Honda CBR600rr Twisty Riding Fun!

Honda CBR600rr twisty riding fun in the Ohio Backwoods.


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CycleCruza does a full review of his 2008 Honda CBR600rr after putting on 10,000 miles on his bike. He explains and illustrates why he feels the 2007/2008 Honda cbr600rr is one of the best all-around supersport motorcycles Honda has ever built thus far.

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In this motovlog, cyclcecruza discusses details from the police chase incident that was captured in his last video. CycleCruza explains why you should never attempt to flee from the police.

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Ohio Route 555 Motorcycle Ride and Review

Well I finally headed out to the triple nickel and rode it twice. I must say it is a really fun to ride, even riding it at the speed limit. Watch my latest vlog below showing me riding the triple nickel. I also give my review of OH State Rout 555, aka “triple nickel.”

I Rode Route 555 (aka “Triple Nickel”) Twice Today! See Pics! I Also Rode 500 Miles in One Day! My Personal Best!

I spontaneously made a decision yesterday to just go and ride Route 555 that starts in Zanesville and ends in W. Virginia. The weather was nice, no humidity and no chance of rain so it was a fantastic day to take a long trip. Normally, it only takes about 2hrs and 20 mins to get to the start of Route 555 but I relied on my GPS that ended up sending me on a long around the way trip that took me 3.5 hours! Anyways, so I get on the triple nickel and I must says that road is super fun but it will wear you out with twisties because the road is 1.5 hours long! I rode it both ways so it took me 3 hours! I never thought I would get tired of twisties, hills, blind drop-offs, sharp turns, winding turns, etc…..BUT I grew tired of so much action for so long, especially after I rode 5 hours already. The only thing that keeps this road from being great is the gravel spots which almost wiped me out a couple of times, luckily I have a great sense of balance. I will have a video of the experience up soon with some action shots. Until then I will leave you with some pictures.

Btw, today I rode 500 miles in one day and 11hrs and 40 minutes of non-stop riding, except for gas stops and a break to adjust my GoPro camera. That is my personal best.

 photo P1020148_zpsb7489744.jpg
 photo P1020149copy_zpsed50a9b9.jpg
 photo P1020147_zps4151b463.jpg
 photo P1020151_zpsd077929f.jpg

Tail Of The Dragon vs Triple Nickel Route 555 Motorcycle Roads

In this video I talk about the famous US 129, aka “Tail of The Dragon,” and wonder if the ‘dragon’ is really worth all of the hype. I also question whether Ohio Route 555, aka “The triple Nickel,” is as good or better than the tail of The Dragon.

Too Cold to Do A Full Ride Today But I Managed To Do a Mini Motovlog Discussing My Triple Nickel Plans – Ohio Route 555

I started out riding in 44 degree weather today and ended up in 37 degree weather after about 30 minutes of riding. brrr I was going to do a full motovlog but the cold got the best of me so i did a mini motovlog discussing my upcoming plans to head down to the Triple Nickel (Route 555) and do a road condition report video before I head out there on my bike this riding season.