My Gear – Links for UK Viewers

UK LINKS for UK Viewers

Here is a listing of my current motorcycle gear and links to get them (UK ONLY):

Get My Helmet here!
Get My Other Helmet here!
Get My Helmet Mirror Shield here!
Get My Helmet Goggles here!
Get My Leather Motorcycle Jacket Here!
Get My Winter Motorcycle Jacket Here!
Get My CE Armor Jacket CHEAP Here!
Get My CE Armor Jacket in HI-VIS Yellow CHEAP Here!
Get My Level 2 Back Protector Insert Here!
Get My Hi Viz Rain Jacket Here!
Get My Gauntlet Gloves Here!
Get My Hi-Vis Shorty Gloves Here!
Get My HEATED Gauntlet Gloves Here!
Get My Alpinestars Neck Warmer Here!
Get My Hi-Vis Backpack Here!
Get My Water Hydration Pack Here! (Drink water while riding!)
Get My Leather Motorcycle Pants Here!
Get My Hi Vis Fly Racing MX Jersey Here!
Get My Summer Textile Pants Here!
Get My Yellow Camo Pants Here!
Get My White Camo Pants Here!
Get My Street Motorcycle Boots Here!
Get My Dual Sport Boots Here!
Get My Back Protector Here!
Get My Knee/Shin Guards Here!
Get My Dirt Motorcycle Boots Here!
Get My Tail Bag Here!
Get My Grip Heaters CHEAP Here!(Cheaper than heated grips!)
Click HERE for Low Voltage Cut Off Module for Motorcycle!
Get the Best Radar Detector Here!
Get My Jacket Ventz Here! (Brings Cool Air into Jacket!)
Get My Motorcycle Neck Wallet Here!

My Cameras and Equipment
Get My New Vlogging Camera Here!
Get My Main MotoVlog Action Camera Here!
Get My Back-up Action Camera Here! (Has Optical Stabilization!)
Get My Back-up Black Box Helmet Action Camera Here! (Tiny!)
Get My CBR1000rr Under the Seat Action Cameras Here! (For Left/Right Views!)
Get My Action Camera Microphone Here!
Get My GoPro Mic Adapter Here!
Get My MotoVlog Microphone Here!
Get My Furry Mic Windscreens Here!
Get My Big Power Bank for my Motorcycle Cameras Here! (Powers 3 Cameras!)
Get My Power Bank for My MotoVlogging Helmet Camera here!
Get My Dual Port Power Bank (Powers 2 Cameras!) here!
Click HERE for 128 GB High Speed MicroSD Card!

My Dog’s Motorcycle Gear
Get Dog Motorcycle Jacket here!
Get Dog Motorcycle Goggles (Doggles)!
Get Motorcycle Chest Carrier here!
Get Dog Motorcycle Helmet here!

My Motorcycle Tools
Get My Tool Cart Here!
Get 1/2″Torque Wrench Here!
Get 3/8″ Digital Torque Wrench Here!
Get My Metric Hex Key Set!
Get My Metric Wrench Set!
Get My Tire Gauge!
Get My Dremel Set!
Get My Stripped Screw/Bolt Remover Kit!