Welcome to my new blog!

Although I have a youtube channel dedicated to motorcycles I felt the need to start a blog so that I can stay more current with my subscribers. This blog will allow me to pass on more information on to my fellow motorcycle brethren. Here you will find ‘Deals of the week,” in which I will post a sweet deal every week on new motorcycle stuff that I locate on the web. As some of you know I’m super cheap and always looking for those rock bottom deals. I will also keep you abreast on any current updates. All “How to’s” from now on will be posted here in writing with step by step instructions (in addition to the videos I post – This will make it easier so you can just print it out), such as maintenance stuff, modifications, maps detailing directions to great roads to ride on, tips, and other stuff.

I don’t always have time to do a video on everything I want to convey to my subscribers and readers, so this blog will be a great way to communicate more frequently with you all.

Btw, My first “How to” I will be doing is a make shift GPS triple tree dock for my cbr600rr, the materials to make the dock will cost less than $3! This project could save you some $.