AGV Sport Leguna Leather Jacket Review

I just received my AGV Sport Laguna Leather Motorcycle Jacket today in the mail and felt inclined to do a full review on the jacket. So far I love the jacket but haven’t got a chance to ride with the jacket on due to inclement weather. I got this jacket for such a hot deal. You can find this deal listed in my “Deal of The Week” tab.

Motorcycle Choice – Research Before You Buy

It was a beautiful sunny 48 degree day today in ohio so soon as I got a chance I was blazing the streets for 2.5 hrs and happened to squeeze in another motovlog. This was a message to the newbies out there fixated on a bikes looks only as opposed to putting in the research homework before buying a bike.

DEAL OF THE WEEK!! AGV Laguna Leather Jacket $209 SHIPPED!

 photo Screenshot2013-02-22at100111PM_zps64af528c.png

If you are looking for a great looking perforated leather jacket with good protection for the warmer riding season I found a great deal for you on a AGV Laguna Leather jacket for only $209 shipped at! If you can still get your size you better jump on this deal because these jackets were originally $400 and is comparable to the much more expensive jackets like Dianese and Alpinestars. This jacket had the CE armor, back hump and is vented well. You can even use this jacket for track days. You will get the best bang for your buck with this jacket. I hope you can get your size. Jump on it before they are all gone!

 photo Screenshot2013-02-22at101230PM_zps5c7dda5e.png

$209 Shipped!

Click here for the deal!

My Review on Route 555 aka “The triple Nickel” Part 1 of 2

Here is part 1 of my two part series on Rt 555 “Triple Nickel.” Part 1 is my review after I have ridden the road twice, 1hr and 20 mins each time. Part 2 will be coming tomorrow where you will be able to actually see the entire road in time lapse.

Too Cold to Do A Full Ride Today But I Managed To Do a Mini Motovlog Discussing My Triple Nickel Plans – Ohio Route 555

I started out riding in 44 degree weather today and ended up in 37 degree weather after about 30 minutes of riding. brrr I was going to do a full motovlog but the cold got the best of me so i did a mini motovlog discussing my upcoming plans to head down to the Triple Nickel (Route 555) and do a road condition report video before I head out there on my bike this riding season.

Contour ROAM HD Camera Review VS Go Pro Hero2 !

I bought an extra camera, the Contour ROAM HD, so I can mount the camera on my bike in different areas of the bike to get different angle video shots. In this video I review the Contour ROAM and compare and contrast it with the GoPro hero2. I also perform a low light test between the two cameras. So far I like the camera and hope to get some great shots this coming riding season.

Note: One big pro for the Contour ROAM is the ability to connect the camera to a 12V power source and have it power the camera while it’s filming. As some of you may know I added a 12V receptacle in the trunk of my 2008 Honda CBR600rr, so now I will be able to connect this camera and not have to worry about the battery depleting. I will be able to have a video recording of every ride I do for up to 8 hours with the 32 gig micro SD card in the camera.

Two Brothers Black Series Exhaust on 2008 Honda CBR600rr Revving LOUD!

Pulled over at a mini strip mall at night and revved the hell out of my bike just to listen to the sweet I didn’t realize I pissed off a business owner, the parking lot looked vacant. A woman came out looking real pissed so I skidaddled the heck out there. oops my bad! lol I didn’t mean to be an asshole.

2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr Best Super Sport Bike For The Streets

It was another beautiful day that felt like spring so I went riding today and did another motovlog. In this motovlog I prove why the 2007-2012 CBR600rr is the best supersport bike for the streets and the most comfortable. The 2007-2012 Honda CBR600rr, is an ALL-In-One super sport bike that is capable of touring, track riding, flickable on the twisties and commuting.

Most people don’t realize that bar height is very important when it comes to comfort on a motorcycle and riding long distances. The 2007 cbr600rr was completely redesigned from the bottom to the top and one of the revisions Honda did was to raise the bar height up 10mm from the previous model year bikes. This increase in bar height makes the cbr600rr much more comfortable for street riding because your weight is no longer resting on your hands and wrists as much like on the 2006 and previous model year bikes. The 2007-2012 cbr600rr was redesigned to be more tailored for the streets because Honda knows that 90% or more people who buy supersport bikes will never see a racing track.

No other supersport bike is as comfortable as the 2007-2012 Honda cbr600rr when it comes to street riding.

Best Can Detailer Spray for Your Motorcycle or Car! I detailed my bike today!

It was a beautiful winter day in ohio so I decided to fully wash and detail my 2008 Honda CBR600rr. I’ve only used Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish on my bikes. Great stuff!Check out my motorcycle looking nice and spiffy!