600cc Super Sport Power, Dual Sport Fun, Run In With A Harley Rider

In this video I set the record straight in regards to the power on my 2008 Honda CBR600rr and my desire for a dual sport motorcycle to have fun on the Ohio trails with. Also, I have a run in with a Harley rider….

In this video you will also see me do 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph and an awesome flyby out in the back country.

600cc Too Fast for the Streets Next Bike Slower

I keep it REAL and RAW in this video. I divulge a confession I’ve been holding secret for a long time now about my beloved 2008 Honda CBR600rr. I’m throttle crank junkie with a need for speed and it’s time to do something about it. Check out this latest installment….. Rated R Parental Discretion is advised.

AGV Willow Leather Pants Review

In this video I do a full review on the AGV Sport Willow Perforated Leather Pants. You will not get a better bang for your buck! Btw, Dianese is the parent company to AGV, so when you buy AGV you are getting Dianese quality!


Tail Of The Dragon vs Triple Nickel Route 555 Motorcycle Roads

In this video I talk about the famous US 129, aka “Tail of The Dragon,” and wonder if the ‘dragon’ is really worth all of the hype. I also question whether Ohio Route 555, aka “The triple Nickel,” is as good or better than the tail of The Dragon.

Be Grateful Appreciate Life

In this inspiring video I discuss why a healthy person should never be depressed and how you should change your outlook on life.

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Get Motorcycle Without Approval

In this video I discuss why you should never try and get approval to buy a motorcycle. I give some helpful tips on you can avoid detractors and get the motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of.

Scorpion EXO 500 Oil NEON Helmet Review EXO 500 vs EXO 400

In this video I review the Scorpion EXO 500 Oil Neon helmet and compare it to the Scorpion EXO 400 helmet.

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Apartment Motorcycle Beware

If you live in an apartment I know how frustrating it can be to keep your motorcycle safe. In this video I talk about ways you can keep your motorcycle safe from vandalism and theft.