Motorcycle Maintenance – Aftermarket Mirrors with Turn Signals

New Moto Vlog! In this new moto vlog installment I discuss my new modifications to my 08 cbr600rr and the maintenance I completed on my bike.
Learn how you can work on your own motorcycle!
Get Mirrors with turn signals here:

Just Detailed My Bike and It’s Now Ready to Ride! New Pics!

 photo P1020056_zpsa2ac4f82.jpg
 photo P1020055_zps8432b12b.jpg
 photo P1020054_zps7d183cb8.jpg
 photo P1020053_zpsf6c4df77.jpg

Finally Finished Maintenance and Mods on my Bike, Now It’s time To Ride! Ride! Ride!

I’ve been working on my bike for over a week now and have completed all maintenance and modifications on my bike!

Now it’s time to get back to enjoying riding again and doing videos!

My first mod video will be the new mirrors, install and review video coming soon!

5/26/13 Maintenance and Mod Update – New Mirrors with Integrated Turn SIgnals!

Hey everybody I just finished most of my maintenance work. So far I’ve completed an oil/oil filter change, coolant flush,
front and rear brake pad change, replaced my stator/alternator cover, installed a 12 volt outlet, installed a GPS
charger to my fabricated GPS dock. All I have left to do as far as maintenance is change the brake fluid
for the front and rear brakes.

I just received my new mirrors with integrated turn signals. I will be working on the mirrors tomorrow and
will try to get the brake fluid changed as well.

Of course expect to see DIY videos on everything I mentioned including fairing removal. I hope to have all
of the DIY videos uploaded within the next two weeks. My goal is to upload at least one DIY video a day.

I will be creating a special page on this website for all of my DIY videos to make it easier for you all
to find the videos you need to help you.

Look for these DIY videos in the coming days and my regularly scheduled Moto vlog next Thursday 5/30/13.

Stay Safe,

I included some pics below:

 photo P1020029_zpsb33b61de.jpg
 photo P1020030_zps2145dc23.jpg
 photo P1020040_zpsb3df5aa3.jpg
Wired in the GPS dock charger so now my GPS will be powered ny the bike when the bike is on.
 photo P1020038_zps65ae71fb.jpg

5/23/13 My 2008 CBR600rr Maintenance Update!

New rear Michelin 2ct tire, new rear brake pads, synthetic oil change + new k&n filter, new oem air filter, 12 volt outlet installed, and GPS charger installed. Detailed all under parts. Work Tomorrow: Coolant flush and add new Honda Coolant, put on new front brake pads, synthetic brake fluid change. Then I will be done!

 photo P1020028_zps6bc1434c.jpg

5/17/13 Nail in My Rear Tire! Sucks!

Went to check my air pressure and found a mail in my tire. Doh! Now I have to wait until next tuesday to get the new tire and have it put on. Meanwhile, I will be doing maintenance on my bike, so expect some DIY videos coming up!

 photo P1020023_zps12d10c21.jpg

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